Our History

As We Move Forward, We Can’t Forget Our Past

Some Fifty years ago two brave people by the name of John and Virginia Williams had a vision to start a church in this community. They were members of Pleasant Grove F.W.B. Church, but they had moved to the Godwin area. Mr. and Mrs. Williams had a little problem; they had no way to travel back and forth to Pleasant Grove Church. So this is how the idea developed to start a church in the Godwin Community. I am sure that they had many doubts in their minds. They were probably thinking how, when, and where could they start a new church. So they began researching their options. Mr. Hubert Carr owned an old storage building that was in the area. So Mrs. Williams talked with Mr. Carr and asked him about using the storage building for Sunday school. Mr. Carr replied “yes”. So Mrs. Williams went around the neighborhood, and asked everyone to come to Sunday school that Sunday. Thus this was the beginning of the church. At first the church did not have a name. Some thought the church should be named after Mr. Carr, and others thought it should be named after Mr. Carlton Warren. The land stood between these two people. Everyone was welcome to come to this new church. Everyone that had a car was asked to pick up people. Those that knew the most about the Bible taught the Sunday school.

In 1958 Sister Williams saw the need to organize the church. Then the Pastor, Deacons, Trustees and Mother board was formed. Our membership grew and continued to grow. We had our first service with our Pastor being Reverend Walter Council. Our first Sunday school teachers were Sister Alice Smith and Brother Cleave Currie. Our first superintendent was Brother John Williams. Sister Williams was our first Mission President. The very first person to join this church was Katie Judkins.

One Sunday a big singing program was held at church. There were so many people at the program that the groups had to wait outside, until it was time for them to sing. Not too long after this event Mrs. Williams noticed the need for a bigger building. Mrs. Williams’ family alone could fill up the whole church. Mr. Carlton Warren gave the church a piece of land where our church is today. This is how the church received the name Warren Chapel. The church put on a rally to raise the money to buy cinderblocks. The tickets for the rally were sold for Twenty-five cents; this was the price of a cinderblock. Mrs. Juanita Heath gave the first Twenty-five dollars. People gave us trees and they were taken to Wade Wood for lumber to build our new church. Deacon Judkins built our first pulpit and our church continued to grow over the years. A choir was formed and Sister Essie Sneed was our first musician.

After Reverend Council left, we had other pastors. They were Reverend Augustus McKoy, Reverend Ford, Eldress Essie Sneed, Elder J.T. Baker and Elder Garry Gainey.

Under the leadership of Reverend McKoy we finished building the new church and received many new members. Under Reverend Ford’s leadership the first young adult choir was started. The president of this choir was Mother Katie Judkins. Reverend Ford also saw the need to start a tiny tot’s choir. The president of this choir was Sister Mary King. At this time our lunchroom and first bathrooms were built. Many members, such as Deacon Judkins, Mother Juanita Williams and Mother Darden helped build the lunchroom. They helped dig up stumps and also came out at night to help work. Since the church was growing so rapidly, Reverend Ford suggested to a church bus was needed. A church bus was purchased and every Sunday anyone that wanted to come to church was picked up. Reverend Ford stayed at Warren Chapel until he passed away. Reverend Ford believed in reaching out to people and going places.

Our next pastor was Eldress Essie Sneed. Eldress Sneed was our pastor for nineteen years. Eldress Sneed had a vision of bricking the church. We achieved this vision under her leadership. Also during her leadership we Deacon Judkins and his son William Judkins poured our first cement floor. We had our loft refinished and roof redone. Also new windows, lights, carpet, and our seats were cushioned. New furniture was purchased for the church and the dining hall. We built a new vestibule and more bathrooms. A water fountain was put in the vestibule.

Our Church consisted of four auxiliaries: Mission Department, Pastors Aide Club, Ushers Board, and Y.P.C.L. We accomplished a lot under the leadership of Eldress Essie Sneed. We were without a Pastor for ninety days, during this time Eldress Hattie McLean and Elder Ricardo Hardison held the church together. Pastor, Elder J.T. Baker was at Warren Chapel for three years. Many things were accomplished during the three years. We were able to purchase the land and trailer located behind the church. We were able to pay this debt off in a short time. Elder Baker along with his sons put down the drained lines and placed signs around the church. A new steeple was put on the church.  A storage building along with a church van was purchased under Elder J.T. Bakers leadership. Our Pastor Aide club was formed again. Elder Baker also began Family and Friends day in November. Elder Baker during his leadership reestablished our Youth Choir. The Choir was under the direction of Sister Carolyn Barnes, whom did a great job.

Elder Gainey became our Pastor in November of 2000. Pastor Gainey began a Christmas dinner for the church. During the Christmas season Pastor Gainey along with the Youth Choir traveled around and sang Christmas carols. Pastor Gainey taught us every Wednesday night at Bible study. We all received the lesson with a full understanding. Under his leadership we have over 15 new members. Eldress Sharon Gainey organized our first Women’s Fellowship and Women’s Conference and it was a great success. Our church presently consists of several auxiliaries: Deacon Board, Mother Board, Trustee Board, Home Mission Department, Pastors Aide, Ushers Board, Women’s Fellowship, Men’s Fellowship, Y.P.C.L, and the Mime Ministry. Pastor Gainey accomplished much over the last nine years as our Pastor.

Currently our pastor is Elder Devon Edward Williams. Pastor Williams was installed as the official pastor on April 17, 2010. Pastor Williams received his vision for our church from God, “United Families in Faith Moving Forward in Christ”. As we begin a new year with a new pastor we are looking forward to the future but will never forget the past that God has brought us from.

Let’s look back at where God has brought us from... We came from a wood heater to central heating and air; from a hand pump to running water; from an outhouse to indoor plumbing. This is our church history, we need to know it and cherish it in our hearts.